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Staff Members

Mel Parks

Mel Parks - President

Dave Elliot

Dave Elliott- Vice President

Lynette Fisk

Lynette Fisk - Secretary

Dan Stoneham

Dan Stoneham - Advertising and Publicity Chairman

Linda Dent

Linda Dent - Chairman Special Kids Roundup & Program Booklet

Ashley Swearingen

Ashley Swearingen - Corporate Secretary

Ryan Craig

Ryan Craig - Treasurer

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Night shot of Benton Rodeo Arena
Coming from the heart of Benton turn left onto Mendenhall Lane shown above. The Rodeo grounds are at the end of the road on the left. You can use your mouse to rotate the picture to get familiar with the landmarks around you. Street View

By clicking on the SAT button (upper right corner) You can find a satellite imagery of the Benton Area. Just locate Mendenhall Lane and you will find the rodeo grounds at 385 Mendenhall Lane. Click for Map

Benton Area Rodeo Association LogoBenton Rodeo Association
385 Mendenhall Lane
Benton, Pa. 17814


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